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Dear Friends of Chicago Prophetic Voice and Praise Ministries International…..

We would like to take a few moments to acknowledge that on August 17 at 1030 am we will be celebrating 17 years of Ministry with The Rev Theresa Phillips (founder of PMI) and her husband The Rev TSGT Robert Phillips.

The Ministry Started in a farmhouse in a room what was formally called the North Edition. In August 1991 Just 1 day after her father Russell Forkins one of St Charles IL.City Leaders Passed to Heaven. That edition was originally built to hold church services for the local farm hands and often had traveling Baptist Ministers facilitating services there. It later became one of the first Baptist churches in the St Charles IL region.

When Pastor Theresa received the call to minister she opened up that wing and started church there. Within a few short months they had outgrown the facility and moved to an unprecedented store front church in Geneva IL The Farm was demolished by law of Eminent Domain in the year of 1996..

Then on to …

Fighting City hall who wanted to close such a church down Pastor Theresa stood her ground and fought to keep her church alive in Geneva . When told she may have to purchase for an exorbitant fee the use city parking she then met privately with the local building commissioner and established her knowledge of prejudices and extortion. His response was to make some quick changes. What he did not know what that Pastor Theresa had already contacted ACLJ and the Rutherford Institute ready to fight if necessary . The city relented during a City Council meeting in which legal assistance was accompanying her .. She abruptly shouted “if we out grow this space we move it is simple as that !” The City then finally approved of the small church.

After that meeting …as the media approached her on this. She only answered all the questions with a calm resolve “come to church Sunday morning at 1100 am ” That settled it. There she and her congregants have often seen various miracles including one man raising from the dead!

From there the ministry moved to a warehouse that held a few hundred people there the Ministry Training Center was established and Pastor Theresa saw Gods hand move.
She was named Regional Director for IAOGI ( Independent Assemblies of God International) for the Midwest. She also became ordained as Bishop for Praise Ministries International.

She then established a Center For Learning from Berean Bible College with College accredited courses available for home study Sill available today. One of the most desirable callings in her ministry is to see leaders birthed in excellence. ” My Father once said if you want to make a good leader make one better than yourself ” I feel they are all better than me “says Pastor Theresa . Pastor Theresa is an expert on Royal Protocol and practices it with her students and her church. It has become a lifestyle for her family. Bishop Theresa has to date has credentialed nearly 200 people from various backgrounds and denominations into ministry in her 17 years of service! Pastor Theresa ( as she is called) has been the director of National Day of Prayer in Geneva for 15 years and she is a 9-11 remembrance contact.

She also has served as The Geneva Ministerial; President for 5 Years and is currently Presidential Prayer Team Ambassador for Chicago Region. Pastor Theresa is a “friend to pastors” and often is asked to speak in other ministries . ASK HER TO COME YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. When asked what has been the best part of her ministry career so far ? She said “Not only to see lives saved and changed But to see Jesus Enthroned again in the chruch . God name brought back into the forefront of our city leaders”. “Especially the Church” is God not in the church? “Yes He is” says pastor Theresa “But we need more of Him He is so much bigger and greater than we can imagine!” “On Sept 11 2001 our Nation was attacked by terrorists our local city voted to NOT say God Bless America That has been one of the most spiritually damaging things I have ever seen” says Pastor Theresa. It took my Secretary and I , 3 months to work with local pastors to come up with a Mission Statement for our city and Christian Leaders .

The statement was this “The Geneva Ministerial Association is a fellowship of local congregations fro a broad variety of Christian traditions:…. Serving the spiritual needs and common good of our community and welcoming the dialog and cooperation with other faith traditions “.

13 MARCH 2002 ministers of Geneva Ministerial Association assembled together to establish a mission statement.. 15 Local Pastors signed the document and all received a copy of it as well. Pastor Theresa and her secretary Rev Karen Tews visited City Hall once again… this time to present the City Leaders with the statement No other pastor would join her…

On Sept 11 2006 five years later 5 ministers and leaders said 5 times in City Hall God Bless America! The 5th anniversary of a dark day. What’s next? Pastor Theresa sill moves on in the callings of God and still is the Presiding Bishop of Praise Ministries The latest? THE ENCOUNTER a sub ministry of Praise Ministries Church reaching out to the Church with a heart for Intimate relationship with Jesus so that the people would once again fall on there face Encounter the living God and be filled with His Glory… which is to say the manifested Presence of the Living Breathing God….. of Abraham Isaac Jacob and Jesus …. yes its about Jesus the Christ!

Pastor Theresa and her husband Robert had started an on-line publication called www.ChicagoPropheticVoice.net this on-line publication is to ignite a person into seeing and hearing the unseen and unheard realms of God. As they are portrayed on the Written Scriptures of the Holy Bible Won’t you come to visit us Sunday s at 1030 am and share in celebrating with us Jesus Love and Grace to all. Services be at 1310 Whitfield Drive Geneva Il 60134 More info at 630 377 5355

Thank you all for serving with us as we move on and on and on with The Lord for the Region for Kane County, IL USA.